As we approach Mother’s Day, I reflected back on my days as a little girl. My days watching my mom in the kitchen making breakfast for me and my siblings.

She never gave us cold cereal for breakfast. And if she did…it was simply to hold us over until she could make a hot breakfast.

I can see my brother Reggie and I sitting at the kitchen table placing our orders as if we were at Denny’s. We would shout, “Two pieces of bacon, toast lightly toasted and scrambled eggs please.” She would kindly take our orders and never complain; not even when the toast would come out too brown. She would scrape off the top or toss it and make us fresh toast.

My mother’s love never ended. She worked from sun up to sun down making sure her children had clean clothes, hot meals, reading time, play time and her time. Before there was the Cosby’s, Oprah, or Dr. Phil, there was my mom. Not only did she have the responsibility of taking care of five kids, she lovingly took care of my Nana who lived with us.

Looking back she made it look easy. As a mother myself, I now know it wasn’t. I know she made countless sacrifices. I know she went without…in order to make sure we had everything we wanted.

My mother’s love was a love so strong and deep, that the neighborhood kids called her mom. Our home was the place were my friends came to hang out. It was a safe fun place. It was the place were my mom had tea parties for me and my friends and said, “Always be a lady. Ladies sit up straight, they cross their legs and they don’t put their elbows on the table.”

I remember one day telling her I know longer wanted be a lady. She looked as if I had just told her I robbed a bank. My oldest brother asked, “What do you want to be?” I stated, “A tramp.” He said, “Then be a tramp.”

I was only nine or ten and didn’t know what a tramp was at the time. All I knew was anything was better than dressing up for those tea parties.

Today, I thank my mom for all those tea parties. For dressing me up and taking me shopping; for lunch dates and introducing me to the arts and a world full of hope. I thank her for telling me I was special.

Most of all, I thank her for her love. I thank her for her countless sacrifices. I appreciate her for providing me with a home filled with love, laughter and memories.

As a mother myself, I try to model my life somewhat after my mom. She has shown me that a mother’s love never dies. It lives daily in our heart. A mother will protect and die for her children if she has to.

I’m blessed to still have the opportunity to have my mom with me this Mother’s Day. However, I know some of you may not have your mom present. Instead of being sad or regretting the day…reflect on your mother’s love, and remember it lives on everyday within you.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Gina Grant
Women That Soar