Recently I attended a meeting where one of my Advisory Board members told me I had really grown up.

Initially, I thought huh? Then it hit me, he is referring to the growth I’ve experienced spiritually. Over the past several months my journey has been…lets just say, one Hell of a journey.

I experienced emotional, physical and financial high’s and low’s. In order to get through I sought out my heavenly Father. I took the time to seek him and I asked for the knowledge and wisdom of David. I shut out the noise that surrounded me. And I got the answers I was seeking.

I learned you can’t have the high moments without experiences the low one’s. It’s all part of the journey. Its what builds our character and creates strong leadership.

When my Advisory Board member said I’ve grown up, I have. I’ve grown spiritually, emotionally and physically. I’m stronger, wiser and more confident.

I know who I am and why I was created. I can accept my low moments and I welcome the high one’s. I am truly a Woman Who Soar’s!

For those of you who are facing spiritually and physical growth, embrace the journey. Allow yourself to feel the pain so you can gain the reward.

Until next time, remember to Soar and Celebrate The Brilliance Within!

Gina Grant
Founder and CEO
Women That Soar