Writing my blog has really become a challenge lately. While I love to inspire others through the journey I’m fortunate to travel, sometimes the challenges and responsibilities of work, family and the little social life I do have, leaves little time for writing.

I’ve been caught up in the hustle and rat race of trying to meet goals and deadlines. I felt if I got everything on my to do list checked off, then I would have time to breath and all the things I desire would manifest.

The more I checked things off my list, it seem more things would appear. I finally decided it was time for a break. So the hubby and I packed up the bags and headed for a week long vacation. I took a moment to breath, relax and just enjoyed life.

Each morning I would take a walk and embrace nature and all its glory. During one of my morning walks I heard the voice of my heavenly Father. He spoke one word, BELIEVE.

Of course I asked, Believe what? However, nothing else was spoken. Later I decided this would be Women That Soar’s theme for the year. Our team would encourage women to Believe in themselves, their ability to Soar and the gifts and talents they’ve been given.

The moment I embraced my Father’s spoken word I didn’t feel the overwhelming need to try to make things happen. Instead, I starting Believing that everything I desired personally and professionally would manifest.

I stop stressing and started Believing. And then the doors automatically opened. The things I visioned and spoke manifested. And I now know with out the shadow of a doubt, this year, if we Believe together we’re going to reach a plateau beyond our imagination.

Until next time, continue to Soar and Celebrate The Brilliance Within!

Gina Grant
Founder and CEO
Women That Soar