On September 19, 2009, Women That Soar will present the third annual Brilliantly You Gala. I’m very thankful to be able to be a part of something that honors women, not just for their professional accomplishments, but for their personal journey as well.

I was inspired to create the Brilliantly You Awards, after watching Oprah’s Legends Ball. I decided I would honor women throughout the State of Texas who’ve paved the way. Honor women who’ve faced obstacles personally and professionally; yet soared to success. I would honor them for giving back and supporting the advancement of other women. I knew this wouldn’t be easy. I didn’t have the money or team to put my plan into action. Yet, I knew with my trust and faith in God, it would all work out.

Three year’s later; we are still going and growing. It’s still not easy, but it is my trust in and faith in God that keeps me going. I’ve learned, trusting in God and not self, everything works out in the end. We now have an amazing team and I have been blessed to meet so many women who are all soaring and brilliant in their own right. The women we honor have all come from humble beginnings. They’re women who were, and still are tenacious. I have enjoyed talking with them, sharing my story and them sharing theirs, I’ve truly learned the meaning of that old cliché, “It’s not how you start, but how you finish.” Each one of the women we’ve honored started with little, yet, has gained and continues to give a lot.

It is my goal and dream, to see Brilliantly You become a televised awards show for women. I want to honor and celebrate with women around the world. I want to continue to empower and inspire women by sharing the stories of women’s trials, tribulations and triumphs to success.

When I was younger, I never would have thought I would be doing what I’m doing now. It’s funny, when you embrace the journey, allow God to lead your path, you find your true purpose in life. I hope that I can continue to inspire women to embrace your journey, to be content where you are today, have faith, and learn to celebrate the brilliance within you.