Can GOD Trust You With The Blessing He Wants To Give You?

I was inspired to write this month’s blog based on a post I saw on Facebook. The post was, “Can GOD Trust You With The Blessing He Has For You?”

The post got me to thinking, so I asked myself, “can I be trusted with the blessing he has for me?” The answer is YES! However, if you had asked me this question five years ago, the answer would have been an emphatic NO!

I’ve learned that in order for us to receive the full effect of GOD’s blessing for our lives, we must be willing to totally surrender to his will and not to our own. We must be willing to let go of our thought process and adapt to working and operating out of faith. We have to let go of our own selfish wants and focus on the direct need for our self and others.

We have to be able to stand in the midst of a storm and know 100 percent that everything will work out. We must be patient and not anxious for anything. We must seek and obtain knowledge and wisdom, so when we’re faced with trials and tribulations, we will triumph!

Man, was this hard for me to learn. I’m a person who believed, if I couldn’t see it or touch it, it wasn’t real. I also banked on me. I set goals, reached them and then gave myself a pat on the back.
Yeah…you can say it, I was arrogant!

I’m sure GOD laughed at me each time I thought or felt as if I actually had control of everything that transpired in my life. I look back and laugh my daggone self.

I often talk with women who are building their businesses and growing their careers and they all say the same thing, “I want to run a multi million dollar business, or I want to be the next C-Level Executive.” My reply to that, “Be careful what you ask for. Remember, to whom much is given, much is required.”

I believe God knows what we can and can’t handle. If he gives us too much to soon, we might crash and burn. The one thing I do know for sure, is I was groomed and I’m still being molded and shaped in my role as CEO of Women That Soar. If he had told me what I would be up against, I would have said, “No thank you. I’ll pass.”

As a little girl, I too dreamed of running my own company. I had this idea and vision that I would have the big office with a view, large staff, fancy dinners, cutting deals and living the good life!
Yeah right. That part of the deal comes after you have cried many nights trying to figure out how to pay the bills. Pray for people who will have your back and understand that this is a journey and a building phase and you need their support and understanding.

When we ask and pray for our hearts desires, we must understand it is not in our time, but the Father’s time. We also must understand that it comes with a price and there is a time and season for all things. We must be willing to go through, so we can share our story of how we overcame adversity and Soared like an eagle. Ask yourself, if I’m given all I desire today, can GOD trust me with it?

Until next time, remember to Soar and Celebrate The Brilliance Within!

Until next time,

Gina Grant
Founder and CEO
Women That Soar