So many times in our lives, along our journey, there are times when we need to call 911. Not necessarily the emergency call system, but a call to a higher power. For me, this is God.

Recently, my daughter was hospitalized with chronic kidney disease. She was diagnosed at the age of eighteen with IGA kidney disease.

When we initially got the prognosis, the doctor stated my daughter had the kidneys of a seventy year old man. I’m not sure what a seventy year old man’s kidneys look like, but apparently it is not good.

Once the shock was over and I was able to breath again, I immediately thought, how did I let this happen? After a moment of guilt and thinking someone should have caught this sooner, I dialed 911!

My 911 call was not to the emergency call system, it was to God. I asked God to give me the strength, knowledge, wisdom and support to provide Brittany with the best care possible and allow her to live a long healthy life. After my call, I knew all was well. I was sure Brittany would be fine.

For the past four year’s my daughter has dealt with this disease without ever complaining. Truthfully, she’s never complained to me about anything her entire life.

This is huge for a mother. Most young ladies complain about everything from their room color isn’t right, to they wish they were never born. Not Brittany. I often questioned her and asked, “Doesn’t anything bother you?” Her reply, “Yes, but what good would it do to complain.”

I use to think she was just saying this as a cliche. I soon realized this is the person my daughter truly is. She looks at life with the glass half full instead of half empty.

On September 28, 2010, she posted on her Facebook page, “I’m in so much pain. I need a doctor.” I asked, “Why post something like that on Facebook? Why didn’t you tell me?” She said she didn’t want to worry me or complain.

I tear up when I think about the pain my daughter was in, yet she was more focused on me and my feelings.

On September 29, 2010, I took her to the doctor. He told us that she had gone into chronic kidney failure. What does this mean? Her kidney’s are no longer functioning. I thought, what do I do to get her back on her feet and to see that huge smile I’ve seen on her face for the past twenty two years.

I was immediately told there wasn’t any quick fix to this one. She would be hospitalized as her pressure was 240/151 and she was near stroke level. The doctor stated he had to get the pressure under control and then she would require dialysis three times a week, until she was eligible for a transplant.

I refused to accept this diagnosis. I called 911. This time during my call I reminded God of who Brittany Grant was. I told him she was the child I tried to abort when I became pregnant at nineteen and you said NO!

She is the child when she was born as a twin that the doctors said she wouldn’t survive because she was a 1lb and 14oz baby with a hole in heart and she’s too small and ill to perform surgery on. However, you said, “She will survive!”

She’s the same child that I put her and her brother up for adoption. You told me, “Go get them.”

Remember at the age of a year and half when she came down with meningitis and the doctors told me she wouldn’t make it? They said if she did, she would have brain damage. Once again, you said, “She will survive!”

I told God, “Don’t forget the time when she was four and the doctor said she had scarlet fever and he hadn’t seen that in forever and you healed her.”

As I went on with my conversation with God, I told him, “She will survive.” I told him she’s our child and I know you will heal her. If you protected Brittany in my womb, before I dedicated my life to you, I know you will protect her now.

Over the course of the next few days, the news became worse. Although her pressure is under control, she is now facing other complications. I never hung up the phone from my previous 911 call, so I picked up my conversation with God again and shared with him I need help. I need him to step in and step in now!

His only reply, share my story. I thought, now is not the time. Plus, I’m a private person. My life’s journey is not something I’m fully ready to share. I will open up about somethings, but I’m not a person who let’s everyone into my space. Again, he said, “Share.”

As I sit at the hospital this morning October 6, 2010, with my good friend Yvette, I told her what God had spoken to me. She prayed. She confirmed that I’m to share my story and Brittany’s journey.

I don’t know the outcome of this journey yet. I’m waiting for the results from my 911 call. What I do know is, God is using my life and Brittany’s life to show that no matter how things look, dial 911 and he will answer.

I honestly don’t like being this transparent. However, I will be obedient if my story is to make a difference.

Somewhere, someone is dealing with financial, mental or physical challenges. Don’t give up. Dial 911 and ask God to fix it. You must believe there is a greater plan for what you are enduring. I only hope my story can help inspire, encourage or uplift someone.

I know the road ahead is challenging. However, I know I’m not alone and I’m strong enough to handle what’s ahead of me. When I’m not, I dial 911.

Until next time, remember to Soar and Celebrate The Brilliance Within!

Gina Grant

Founder and CEO

Women That Soar