Recently, WTS launched a campaign to bring awareness and raise funds to help the fight against violence and abuse among women and young girls.

Our idea is to get women to join us in taking a pledge to uplift, empower and inspire one another; to truly take a stand and be a voice for the many women who don’t have a voice. I want to thank the women who have stepped up and joined us. We have had 102 women take the pledge since last month.

This week, as I was reading, I read a story of a woman, Sajjad Mohammedie Ashtiani who has been sentenced to death by stoning for allegedly committing adultery. The story saddened me for several reasons. One, I can’t believe we’re in 2010 and women are still facing this type of human violence.

Two, I thought if the woman is being accused of adultery and being sentenced, why is there no punishment for the man she is claimed to have had an affair with?

Three, why isn’t every powerful woman in America and globally not taking a stand and speaking out against this heinous act? We should be appalled to see such a crime take place and not try to stop it. We should be writing letters, marching, blogging and doing everything possible to be this woman’s voice.

Again, I ask, where and why aren’t all the powerful women in media, corporations and politics coming together to launch a plea for this woman’s life? Oprah Winfrey, one of the most powerful women in media, globally launched a campaign to get people to stop texting while driving. While this is an important issue, is it not more important for us to launch a campaign to stop abuse and oppression; to save the life of this woman and the next?

For the first time in my life, I finally understand and truly, truly appreciate what our men and women in the armed services fight for daily. They fight for our freedom. They fight for human rights. They fight for justice!

Sure, I know there are politics at the top, but for those on the ground who make the sacrifice, who allow me to have a voice and freedom, thank you!

I can’t imagine what Sajjad must be feeling, the fear of the unknown and not knowing when she may take her last breath. I ache for her children who are crying out to the world and pleading for us all to step up and speak out to save their mother. The thought of this happening brings tears to my eyes and I refuse to sit by and do nothing. For starters, I’m speaking out and I will continue the campaign to get women to take the Brilliantly You Pledge to empower, inspire, uplift and join the fight to help stop the abuse and violence among women and young girls globally. Second, I’m working to host an event that will get hundreds of women to come out and take the pledge. I will keep you all posted. Together, we can all do our part and be the voice for all women to Soar and Celebrate The Brilliance Within!

Until next time, continue to live brilliant lives.

Gina Grant
Founder and CEO
Women That Soar