The other night my brothers and I celebrated my youngest brother’s birthday. It was a time of laughter and sharing with family and friends. I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard!

As we sat at Hotel Zaza, we reflected on the past, the moments we shared as kids and young adults. We talked about the good and what seemed at the time, bad times. The funny thing is, today we laugh at our past struggles. We embrace the former pain. We realize our past journey is the reason for our current future.

Often when we’re going through a situation we feel things couldn’t get any worse. We ask why, instead of why not. I look back on some of the crazy situations and jams I got myself into when I was younger and ask, “What was I thinking?” I now laugh and really understand the term, “trouble don’t last always.”

I know this may sound cliche, but just think about your life a year ago. Better yet, think about it last week, or yesterday. I guarantee you that if you try, you can laugh at every problem you faced and overcame.

My time with my brothers proved this for me, as we went on to share stories. One of my brothers talked about his time as an addict. Clean and sober today, we laughed at all the ridiculous things he use to do as a former addict. I know you may think there is no humor in this, but try having your brother take your car and rent it out as if he were Budget Rental for drugs. Trust me, you will either laugh or cry. I choose to laugh. The key to forgiveness is laughter.

One of my girlfriends said listening to us share stories and hearing us laughing was amazing. She said we held no animosity for the things we’ve faced. My reply, “Why would we? We never had animosity to start with. We had disappointments, we cried, but never animosity.”

I believe this is the key to enjoying life and the journey you are on. Things will happen. We all have disappointments, tragedies and pain. However, if we look at what we’re going through as a lesson, something to share with others, and temporary, I think we can overcome and find joy and laughter.

As you continue to embark on your journey, take time to laugh everyday regardless of what you are facing. Until next month, continue to Soar and Celebrate The Brilliance Within!