Letting Go of the Past Can be a Challenging Task

Letting go of the past can be a challenging task. Most of us have a tendency to hold on to bad memories, negative people, and relationships that have brought nothing but pain to our lives.

We carry the negative thoughts and struggles along our journey called life. It then affects our ability to celebrate the true brilliance and beauty that is within. Negativity cripples our ability to move forward, have loving relationships, and to Soar!

I’m learning to strive to find the good in everything and, believe me, I understand it is a challenge.

When my children are giving me “what for” I count to ten and ask God to give me the strength to keep from committing murder and praise the joy they bring to my life most of the time. LOL!

When I have people who are negative and continue to engage in reckless behavior, I remove them from my space. This may mean letting go of a life-long friendship or an unhealthy relationship?

I’ve learned life is too short to remain in the past and dwell on all the things I wish I could have done or said.

I also try not to go down “woe is me” lane. Instead, I ask myself, “what role did you play in this”? Sometimes the answer is simply nothing. Yet, I still take ownership by saying I won’t allow it to happen again.

I focus on why it happened and what I learned from the experience.

If we learn that all things are to teach us a lesson and master the lesson being taught, we can move from them past into to the present and receive the blessings that are for us.

Personally, I’m only interested in learning how I can live a better life. I don’t want to focus on the past memories, people, or things that remind me of pain and suffering.

I want to continue to grow, open my heart and invite in the things and people who bring me joy and laughter.

My mother is a beautiful woman. She raised five amazing children to believe in themselves and to know that we can have and achieve anything that we want as long as we stay focused, work hard and remain disciplined.

Yet, a woman who encourages, empowers and inspires others doesn’t believe she is capable or worthy of the same message she embeds into those she encounters. Instead, she continues to cling to negative thoughts, guilt and shame.

It doesn’t matter how many therapy sessions she has, how many times she’s told she’s amazing, beautiful and talented, she always reverts back to the negative thoughts.

This type of behavior has caused her to miss out on the joy of the simple things in life. She can only find happiness when she has accomplished a major task, is financially secure, or being praised by family and friends.

This, my friends, is not what true happiness is about. In order to escape our past and find joy, we must learn to be content in any state. Watching my mother suffer with the challenge of escaping her past and depression, I’ve learned to let go, see the lesson and joy even in a tragic situation.

If your past is blocking your present or future blessings, let go. It’s the only way you can truly Soar and Celebrate The Brilliance Within!

Gina Grant

Founder and CEO

Women That Soar