The topic on the male and female relationship has always been a subject I’m passionate about. I love to give my POV, (Point of View).

This is a topic that ignites a fire in most of us. We all seem to have our opinion on what role each gender should play. The funny thing is, most of the time the woman’s opinion is so far off from the man’s opinion.

So, here is my take on this subject. I’m a firm believer in the biblical roles each person should play. Meaning, a man should be a provider and protector.

He is the head of his household. He should be strong in the midst of a storm. He is to seek God for knowledge, wisdom, and understanding on how to guide and lead his family.

He is to love his wife as Christ loves the church. He is to be treated as a King; loved and adored by those around him.

I believe a woman is a help mate. She is not the sole provider. She is to support her mate, and back him when he can’t provide.

She is to be submissive. Yes, I said the S word. A woman should be willing to submit herself to a man that is like Christ.

The woman is to be a keeper of her home. She is to teach her children, guide and help lead them. She is a soft place for her husband to lay his head.

She should be the woman in Proverbs 31. It say’s, “A man should find a wife of noble character. Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. She brings him good, not harm all the days of her life.”

When both the man and woman fall in line with the biblical principals outlined, they have a far greater chance of having a loving, successful relationship.

Now, I say all that to say this, not every man and woman fits this profile. Therefore, don’t go submitting yourselves to just any Joe blow that comes along.

Often as women we want so desperately to share our lives with someone that we settle for less than what our Father has for us. We short change ourselves. We don’t know our value and worth.

For instance, I recently had a conversation with a male friend of mine about what role a man should play. He said two words, “Protector and Provider.”

I thought…okay, we’re off to a good start. I asked him to elaborate more. This is were the conversation went downhill. Buckle up, you’re about to go for a ride.

He stated as a protector the man is to make sure his wife feels safe. He covers her spiritually, physically and mentally.

As a provider, the man is to provide shelter. I asked what about the essential needs such as lights, gas, water, food?

His reply, wait for it…”The bible does not require a man to do these things.”

I asked why? He said electricity was not something they had then and bathing was not a daily routine. Now I say Hot Dog! Really? What a ridiculous statement.

Most women, even I would say on the surface he fits the profile of a good man. Yet, he felt he should only meet a portion of the role he identified for me.

How many of us would serve a God that would give only half of what is needed? He provides the home, but allowed you to sit in the dark.

Or, He gave food, but only every now and then. I don’t think so. Therefore, if we won’t serve and submit to a God that is limited, why serve and submit to a man that is limited?

When I was single, I dated a few guys that were knuckle heads. On the surface they had the full package. When you took a deeper look they were a Hot Mess! I must admit, so was I.

After several bad laps around the track I decided I was no longer going to look for a man. I was going to work on Gina; a man would come in time.

When I focused on me, that is when I met my husband. I remember the day. I had a bad tooth ache. I went to the store to get some medicine. And there he was, this guy who followed me around the store nagging me to death. He wouldn’t take NO for an answer.

I finally gave him my number for the sake of getting my medicine, going home and going to bed.

See, I wasn’t looking for a man. I wasn’t even looking for a date. I was looking for Tylenol. LOL!

My point is, we have to love ourselves before anyone else can love us. We must know who we are and what we bring to the table. I’ll say it again…Know Your Value and Worth!

If you are the man or woman who seeks a mate who is financially stable, don’t settle for the person who is in a ton of debt.

If you know you aren’t cut out to be part of a blended family, don’t date someone with kids.

If you’re a woman who wants a provider and protector, don’t settle for half the package.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying a woman can’t work. If a woman chooses to have a career or work outside the home she should.

If her husband needs her support to get their financial situation back on track she should help.

Personally, I have always worked. I love what I do. However, my husband and I fully understands our roles.

I love the woman I’ve become. I know I deserve the best a person has to give me. I know I’m to give my mate the best I have to offer. I have learned to love and be loved.

I joke with my girlfriends sometimes about my expectations in a relationship. Some of them will say they don’t need a man to take care of them. They can fully take care of themselves.

I think this is a very admirable outlook. Its dumb, but admirable. I say if you don’t need a man to take care of you, then don’t call me, or anyone else when you’re short on your bills for the month.

Don’t complain when he does not buy you a gift. Don’t cry when he is draining your bank account.

I don’t need a man to take care of me. However, if I’m in a relationship a man will take care of me, and I will take care of him.

I try to avoid driving down one way streets. It’s my understand you can have an accident and crash. Get my point?

This is my POV on relationships.

Continue to Soar and Celebrate The Brilliance Within!