The New Year is here and we’re all wishing one another blessings, peace and joy. Many of us have set new goals, written mission statements and decided this is the year; the year everything good is going to take place.

We’ve decided, out with the old and in with the new. This all sounds good until we’re a week into the new year and realize we’re repeating the same old habits. We have a bad day or couple of day’s and we get down and frustrated. We start to doubt the plan we spoke and wrote a few day’s ago.

Don’t give up. Honestly, we shouldn’t put too much energy into meeting our goals for the year. Instead, we should work on meeting daily task that help us reach the finish line. It’s important to understand that a New Year does not mean we do away with old issues.

Too often we make our plans on what we want. How we want it and the time frame we should receive it. I personally have come to realize, everything comes only when I’m prepared to receive it. So, instead of setting goals for a new year, I work on accomplishing daily task that allow me to have that which I desire long term.

I’ve learned to stop looking at what other’s have accomplished. I don’t yearn to be the next Oprah, or any other powerful female leader. For me, its about waking up daily, giving thanks, seeking knowledge and wisdom and learning life’s lesson’s so that I will be prepared to receive the blessings that are specifically designated for me.

Yes, this is a challenge. Often its easier to look at what someone else has and say, “That should be me.” It’s easier to complain about how life is cheating us of our dreams vs, being content and enjoying each moment.

Don’t get me wrong, we should have goals and a drive to meet them, we just shouldn’t get caught up with time lines. We have to remember to be focused and patient.

As we travel this journey together, I wish everyone a very prosperous year. I won’t us to continue to grow, empower and inspire women to Soar and Celebrate The Brilliance Within!

Gina Grant
Women That Soar