The older I get the more I’m focused on things that really help promote my mental, spirtual and physical growth. I no longer focus or seek the things I did in my twenties or thrities. I now wake every day grateful for life and all it brings.

Reality is…I’m constantly focused on my reason for being here in the natural and what I’m to do while on this journey. Reality is…we’re all given so many days, months or year’s here on earth and each minute, hour or day given is precious and should be used wisely. We shouldn’t spend every waking hour of our day stressing over the small stuff in life. Instead, we should take time to meditate and be still, so we can connect with our spirit. When we’re intouch with who we truly are, the journey becomes easier and more fulfilling. Reality is, life shouldn’t always be a stuggle. If it is, its time for some serious soul searching. I remember a time when I used to hate Monday and pray for Friday. My pastor calls this the TGIF syndrom. This was no way to live. I finally had to make a change and face the fact that something had to change. And the change had to begin with me.

Reality is, if I wanted happiness, peace and fulfillment I had to dig deeper within. I had to let go of fear and take a leap of faith. I had to forget about what I wanted and ask the question, “Why am I here. What is my purpose?” Once I started this process, I found my purpose in life. I found my reality and not what others said it was or should be. Everything I learned so far has come from true soul searching. It wasn’t easy, but worth it. You see, I was that strong-willed person that believed my way or the high way. Thank goodness God has a sense of humor and laughs at people like me. He understands we’re a special breed that requires a little extra love, mercy, grace and patience. I’m sure some of you know what I’m talking about? You keep trying your way and asking God to following your plan vs following His. Reality is, this type of plan never works. It really is His way or NO way. Sure, we may temporarily find what we call success; house, car, money etc, but those things don’t define true success. We can’t find true success until we find peace within. It is when we’re sharing our gifts with others and making a difference in the lives of those we meet along our earthly journey that we will start to understand who we are and why we were created.

My reality is this, I will know longer allow others to tell me what and who I should be. I will live a life true to myself. I will treat others as I want to be treated. I will own my mistakes and short comings. I will seek to be a better person everyday and grow in knowledge and wisdom. This is my reality. What is your reality?

Continue to Soar!
Gina Grant, CEO