Each year, during the month of December, I take time off to rejuvenate my mind, body and spirit. I reflect on the past year. I give thanks for the many blessings and challenges I’ve faced; as it all is apart of the journey of growing, learning and Soaring to become the person I was created to be.

I’ve done this for many year’s and it helps me to start the new year with a fresh start and a rejuvenated spirit to continue on my quest for personal and professional success.

In this fast past world we live in, I feel it is important to take time off, to turn off the phones, get off twitter and facebook and reconnect with one’s spirit and soul.

I hear women all the time stating they’re burned out and stressed, yet, we continue to add more to our plates instead of taking time off.

When we take that time to get quiet to hear God’s voice and to seek his guidance and direction for our lives. We will learn our true purpose in life.

During my down time, I plan to meditate, read, sleep, spend time with my family and just doing the simply things in life.

I will give thanks to so many who support me and have worked with me to make WTS a success. I will challenge myself to be a better person and continue to grow in every aspect of my life.

This holiday season, as you enjoy family and friends, take a little time to rejuvenate and reflect. Take time to give thanks for the gift of life and celebrate the brilliance within you.

I wish you all many blessings and a wonderful holiday season!