I remember like it was yesterday, hearing the words, “Women That Soar.” It was nine years ago. At the time, I was working as a publicist. I was hired to create a seminar for women that would inspire and empower them to grow both in their personal and professional lives.

I struggled with naming the event. I wrote down any and everything with the word Women in it. After coming up empty, I prayed for guidance. The words, “Women That Soar” was spoken to me one early morning around 2:30 am. I knew it was God’s voice. What I didn’t know, is the plan he had for WTS.

Four year’s later, I was contemplating what I wanted to do professionally. I was totally burnt out with being a publicist. I no longer was passionate about my work. It was no longer a challenge.

Again, I turned to God for direction and guidance. He gave me a vision for Women That Soar. I wrote it down on sticky notes. I visualized having a media company that would create content and events that would empower, and inspire women personally and professionally.

I wrote down creating an awards show that would honor women from diverse backgrounds and tell their stories of overcoming and Soaring to success! It would be a night that would inspire, empower, and motivate women. It’s a show about women sharing their trials, tribulations and triumphs. It would be a celebration among women.

My goal was to launch the event in Texas and grow it to become a nationally televised awards show within five years.

At the time, I no clue as to how I would accomplish such a huge task. I did however, have a great list of contacts, a huge amount of faith, determination and friends who supported me.
On September 19, 2007, Women That Soar held its first awards gala. We were the Grand Opening event for the Ritz-Carlton, Dallas. We honored an amazing group of women throughout the State of Texas. We presented Ms. Ebby Halliday with her first ever, “Life Time Achievement Award.”

This was an honor and privilege for all of us who worked extremely hard to pull off this stellar evening to a sold out audience. Hosting the first event gave me such a rush. I remember sitting in my hotel room after the event at the Ritz with tears rolling down my face, I looked out the window and praised God.

The journey to build and brand this show hasn’t been easy. I’ve gone into debt. I’ve spent many day’s and nights crying. I questioned God and his word, and I almost lost my home, husband and all that I had.

Through it all…I never gave up. When my back was up against the wall I would continue to fight. After three hard years of building, seeking funding, sponsors and community support, WTS was finally making an impact.

Now is our fifth year of creating the Women That Soar Awards, we’re taking a bigger leap of faith. We’re working to televise the awards show. I look back and remember the day I wrote down the vision. And what I wrote is coming to fruition.

In one week, I will fly out to LA to pitch the show and concept to a major network. I’ve been asked, did I believe this day would come? The answer is yes! There were times I had doubts, but I never stop believing. As I take the next steps on my journey, I’m trusting Gods words, “Women That Soar.” I’m trusting he has prepared the way and the deal is done.

I don’t know what my future holds, but I do know who holds my future. Therefore, I know I’m going to continue to Soar in life.

Whatever you desire in your personal and professional life, never give up. Continue to believe.

Gina Grant
Women That Soar