I want to begin this letter by asking, what is sisterhood? Is it a word we use to describe a certain race of women? Or is it a word we as women use among our girlfriends to describe the bond we share with one another?

For me, the word means a group or community of women I can call upon. My sisterhood of women are women who comfort me when times are tough and confront me when I’m wrong.

My goal through WTS is to continue to build a strong community of women who will become part of my sisterhood.

We will empower, inspire and uplift one another. We will challenge ourselves to go beyond our limits and we won’t allow our gender or race stop us from Soaring to new heights.

As strong women leaders, we won’t be afraid to help another woman on her journey. And when one of us falls to the way-side, we won’t speak negatively, we will encourage, speak the truth, and share with love and kindness the things that need to be improved upon.

A sisterhood is more than a word or group of women gathering over a glass of wine or tea. It is a commitment to help change the lives of all women.

I can’t tell you how blessed I am to have such a strong group of sisters and to know you all support and lift me up.

I also appreciate when I get emails or calls from some of you sharing with me how I can improve or continue to grow both in my personal and professional journey.

As I continue to build WTS, I will make mistakes (I’m human) I will stumble, but I will never fall, because I have a strong sisterhood.

Until next time, continue to Soar and Celebrate The Brilliance Within!