Its been a minute since I’ve had time to blog. Things have been pretty busy, but in a good way. I’m shooting a pilot for a TV show this month, along with preparing for Women That Soar’s 2nd Annual “Steel Magnolia” Luncheon. A special thanks to our luncheon sponsors and hosts, Joshua Frenk and Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk.

As busy as I’ve been, I had to take time to blog about a discussion I heard on a radio show. The host of the show asked the question, “Do women want to date men with or without money?” I felt the topic was stupid, but to hear the women’s responses was pathetic.

I’m hearing these callers state they didn’t need a man to make money as they were already educated and financially stable. All they needed was for a man to be there for them when they got home, take care of their needs and love them. Hello…part of a man taking care of a woman’s needs is to provide financially.

Personally, if a man can’t spiritually cover me and financially provide for me, I don’t need or want him. My role in my relationship is to be a help mate for my husband, not his helper. His help and provisions come from God and mine from him.

I’m so tired of women thinking they can be the man and woman in relationships. I’m not saying women can’t be strong, they can’t work and they can’t help provide, keyword, HELP provide for their household. What I’m saying is a woman shouldn’t be the sole provider unless she is married and her husband is physically unable to provide financially for his family.

If the man is physically capable of working and doesn’t, that man shouldn’t eat. In my house, if I get up and go to work, my husband better be leading the way. Thank God I’m blessed with a husband that understands and believes in this same philosophy.

I think some women are so desperate that they’ve decided to accept anything. I have a friend who used to say, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” Ladies, stop falling for anything and learn to stand for something.

Until next month, remember to Soar and Celebrate The Brilliance Within!

Gina Grant
Founder and CEO
Women That Soar