The Journey is not always easy. Yesterday was a really tough day. I’m sure many of us asked why? Why would someone commit such a unmanageable act against innocent children and people?

Well…the why isn’t important. What is important is we don’t loose our faith. What’s important is we continue to rejoice, serve and help to empower and inspire people. What’s important is we recognize those who daily are on the battlefield serving our country.

I’m blessed to have a company where I interview incredible women who are all making an impact in our society. Therefore, I know first hand the beauty of people and this power we have been given.

I also know those children and adults are with the Father and have eternal life in the perfect world. We must remember this place we’re in is temporary. Where we are is a passing place on our journey home.

It was never promised the journey would be easy. It was never promised we wouldn’t face trials and tribulations. What is promised is, if we stand the test our reward would be greater than anything man has seen or can conceive.

I prayed for comfort and peace for the families who now have to deal and make sense of this horrible situation. I can only hope this tragedy brings about something triumphant. I can only hope laws are put in place where guns aren’t so easily able to be accessed.

I can only hope we stop to recognize the signs of someone who is mentally ill, in pain and DO something. Now is the time when we all have to take a stand to make a difference. We can NO longer ignore the signs.

I believe we’re to give thanks in all things, good and bad. I know its hard…but we must try.

I’m thankful for life today and to be able to be of service. Blessings to everyone and enjoy this day!

Continue to Soar!

Gina Grant
Women That Soar