For a while, I’ve been contemplating having an open discussion on the issue of race. I planned it several times. Yet, I always felt it was too sensitive of a topic.

However, after hearing that the producers of The Bible were being criticized for making the character Satan resemble President Obama, I felt it was time.

My initial thought was, “Is this a joke?” Unfortunately, it wasn’t. When did we as a human race become so foolish and irresponsible? How in the world did this one get started?

I watch The Bible. I love it. I saw the episode with Jesus being tempted by Satan. Never did I think the portrayal of Satan was made to look like President Obama. Mehdi Ouzaani, who played the role of Satan, is a well known Moroccan actor who has played the character in several other Bible epics.

Yes, Mehdi Ouzani resembles President Obama slightly. And I do mean slightly. The fact that he played the character (Satan) has nothing to do with the producers attempting to portray the President as Satan. Honestly, this is pure foolishness on every level. For all those who are buying into such mess you should be ashamed and embarrassed!

Do we have nothing better to discuss? Don’t we have far greater concerns? Of course racism exist. It always will. The question is, how long will we concern ourselves with petty matters? When will we decide we will NO longer participate and jump on the bandwagon of every opportunity to classify a situation or person as racist?

We’re all capable of being a bit racist. I certainly can get on my high horse at times. I have also thought I was superior to others. Fortunately, I was quickly put into a situation and position to help me understand that I’m NOT!

How many of you will admit you’re capable of the same? Better yet, how many of you have looked at another individual and judged him/her based on how they looked, dressed, talked or the zip code they live in?

When we learn to revere our differences as a gift, perhaps we will stop calling every little incident racist. We should open our minds and learn we’re all one race with different cultural backgrounds. We should focus on learning from one another and making the changes we can in this world and leave the rest to God.

When we don’t like what someone is doing, we have the right and the power to make a change. My suggestion: come together, produce your own content and depict characters in any manner you like. Heck, Satan can be green, Jesus black and everyone else the color of the rainbow. The point is, stop complaining. Take action and make a difference!

I commend Mark Burnett and Roma Downey for how they responded. They didn’t have to respond at all. They’re right, this is simply a distraction to take away from the positive effect the series is having. I’m 100 percent sure we’re giving Satan way too much attention and he is probably having a good laugh right now. I sure am. LOL!

Here is all this fuss being made about a character portraying Him and looking like President Obama. In the end, we don’t know what Satan or Jesus look like. All I can tell you is what the Bible says: that Satan was once the most beautiful angel of all angels. As for Jesus, the Bible says He had hair like wool, eyes like fire and His feet were bronze. Neither of these descriptions describe the characters I saw in The Bible.

When you get down to it, what Jesus, Satan, or anyone in the Bible looks like is not important. What’s important is the message being conveyed.

I’ll leave you with this:
Some of us are Natural Born Leaders, and some of us will follow a bird into a wind storm.

We should strive to be leaders; to share our talents and help empower one another. Continue to Soar!

Gina Grant
Women That Soar!