After the earthquake in Haiti, I felt compelled to journal my thoughts. My heart was heavy and writing helps release the pain.

Initially, the devastation didn’t hit me. I knew it was a terrible situation, but I didn’t realize to what degree. Once the reports came in and I heard the cries for help, I realized this was more than a terrible situation; this was a devastation.

I asked myself how could this happen to a country that is so poor and suffers daily? I don’t have an answer. What I do know, is the beauty in how the human race has united together during this tragedy.

We have put aside our on needs and wants to focus on the needs of others.

For a moment, we stop the fighting and arguing over race, gender, and religion, to come to the aid of our fellow man. We let go of our differences and found a common interest.

We’re sharing and comforting one another during our grieving period. We’re opening our arms and resources to strangers.

I’m so proud to see so many globally helping those in Haiti.

I’m proud to see the outpour of love and concern for those in desperate need.

In everything, I believe we’re to find good. I know this is hard for those who have loved ones who are missing or may have passed on, but the bible says, “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.”

The good I’ve found in this, is the outpour of kindness. I see man at his best. I see the strength and courage that is within in us. I see hope!

Imagine if we all united together daily? We could stop poverty, racism, and hatred. As I accept and find peace with God’s ultimate plan, I see hope for a better future.

As we continue to unite together, I see Haiti becoming a stronger country. I see miracles taking place. I see strength!

I continue to cry, I continue to pray, I continue to hurt for the men, women and children in Haiti.

I see light where there was darkness.