Hello Everyone,

This month I felt a strong need to address the importance of women understanding and knowing our value and worth. I think now is a very crucial time for women to rally around one another, uplift, encourage and just say, “Girl, you are a Woman Who Soars.” Over the past month, the media reports have been consumed with stories on high profile men cheating. I’m not sure if these guys had a convention and they all decided to take a dose of stupid and arrogance, but man, they are truly out of control.

I must say, most of these guys were snakes to start with. Yet, the women who chose to engage in a relationship with them should have known it was a strong possibility that the snake would bite them too? If they didn’t, they should have. As women, we must learn and believe the facts that are presented before us. How many men will take on a woman with tons of baggage, bad history, or kids? Not many. The male thinks first of his responsibility to the woman and family and decides whether or not he is willing to take on the challenge. As women, we think with our emotions first. The first thing we do is go into protect and serve mode. Instead of asking ourselves should I; we say I should.

We also don’t stop to think about how special and precious we are. In order for anyone to value our worth we must first value who we are. It’s okay to want to love others for who they are. My only advice is, if a man reveals his closet is filled with baggage and demons, love him from a distance and keep it moving. Know that you can’t change or save him. He must do this on his own. It’s part of his journey not yours. And please know there is nothing wrong with wanting the best and expecting it!

As a woman who had to learn the hard way to love myself and value all that GOD created me to be, I speak from experience. As a mother, I teach my daughter’s when a man reveals his true character and its ugly, call it quits. Don’t wait till you say I Do before you realize you really should have said I Don’t. I tell any woman I meet, love yourself enough to allow the man that was created for you to find you and love you as a priceless gem. Because in all honesty, when a man finds a good woman, he finds someone who will love him beyond his expectations. A good woman will go to bat and back her man to the end. She will give 100 percent and more of herself. She should also expect and accept that her man should do the same. They should be one in spirit.

It’s time for us as women to start a movement. Tell one another how special we are. Uplift a young lady that does not realize her true value and worth and share with her that she too can Soar and should Celebrate The Brilliance Within!

Until next time, continue to live a brilliant life!

Gina Grant

Founder and CEO

Women That Soar