This past year has been a challenge. I’m sure some of you may feel the same way. As I faced the challenges of trying to increase my company’s revenue, presenting to potential investors and expanding, there where times when I thought, “too much!”

I asked myself, “is the dream of owning a global media company too big? Is it possible for me to impact the lives of women by sharing my story and allowing others to share their stories to personal and professional success?” I had all these doubts rushing through my mind over and over. This was very unfamiliar to me. I’ve always been a positive person, someone who looked at adversity and said bring it on.

Yet, with the state of our economy, how bad it was and how it was affecting all of us globally, I became fearful. I didn’t do the one thing I’ve always told myself, “Trust In God.” I was telling myself that I was trusting in God, but I really was trusting in what I wanted God to do. There is a big difference. I wanted God to make it alright. I didn’t want to face the difficulties before me. I didn’t want to have financial burdens or problems. I wanted God to make everything perfect and right in my little world.

I wanted him to do what I wanted and not what he wanted and needed to do with me; that is not the meaning of trust. In order to trust God, I realized it means trust him in ALL things. I also realized that adversity really can create great opportunities. I’m told 7-11 was established during the great depression. It is through the difficult challenges, that we find our true strength. I believe if we allow ourselves to go through the storm and not give up, we will come out Soaring like an eagle.

I personally have decided to trust God even when it seems like things aren’t going my way. I’m often told by women that they’re proud of me. They admire me for starting, building and continually trying to grow Women That Soar. I’m asked how do I find the strength when things become overwhelming.

Honestly, it is these two things – my faith in God and my family that get me through. At one point being a single mother of three before the age of twenty-one seemed hopeless. It was nothing but God and a solid family foundation that brought me through. It is that same God that was faithful then, who is faithful now.

I think we all have the God given strength to accomplish our dreams and have our hearts desires. However, I believe we allow the challenges, setbacks and distractions of this world to hold us back and overwhelm us. Sometimes, our blessings are so close; yet, we give up right before we receive it.

The one thing I’ve learned recently is we all face challenges and obstacles. We all have trials and tribulations. If we are willing to go through the storm, we can and will triumph!

If you are at a point in your personal or professional life that feels like it is too much, don’t give up. You are on a journey called life. Embrace it, have faith and enjoy the journey.