What A Difference A Year Makes

This time last year I was faced with a lot of decisions. I was overwhelmed with my business, family and the holiday rush.

I was totally confused. When I get this way I take time to get quite. I shut out all the noise in my life and close myself off to all distractions.

I took the entire month of December last year and did nothing but write in my journal, pray and meditate on the things I desired.

I visualized what I wanted and where I wanted to be. I asked for guidance, knowledge and wisdom to follow the path God has for me and to not lean towards my own understanding.

After 30 days of silence, I heard what I had known all along. I knew all would be fine in my life. I knew what was for me would manifest.

What I didn’t know, is that the manifestation was going to happen so fast. Over the past twelve months everything I prayed for, wrote about in my journal and visualized has come to pass.

When we step back, get quiet and turn the situation over to a higher power, that which is to be will be.

I’m constantly seeking, praying and asking for guidance daily. There are good day’s and day’s that are challenging. I embrace it all; for I know it is part of the journey.

I know the trials and tribulations are part of the triumph! I know my story, my life’s journey is to be shared with other women to empower and inspire them.

This holiday season, the best gift you can give your self is some time alone. If you can take one-hour daily to meditate, write, pray and visualize that which you desire, I know it will manifest in due time.

I know we all have gifts and we’re created for greatness. I know there is a season for sowing and a season for harvesting.

If this season you are feeling down, depressed, overwhelmed or as if there is no tomorrow, take a sabbatical from all the noise around you.

Take time to reflect, recharge and embrace where you are today. Trust, I know what a difference a year can make.

Continue to Soar and Celebrate The Brilliance Within!

Gina Grant
Founder and CEO
Women That Soar!