It has always been my dream to interview incredible women with amazing stories of overcoming their trials and tribulations, and triumphing to success.

I believe every woman has story. And I know our stories are part of our journey. They are meant to empower and inspire others to Soar. Having a dream is one thing, making your dream a reality requires hard work, determination and a lot of faith.

It has been five year’s since WTS held its first major event and become an official company. It seems longer than that. There were day’s of joy. And there were day’s I doubted why I was putting all I had into a company that wasn’t generating any revenue?

No matter what obstacles I faced something inside of me would say, “keep going.”

On Thursday, March 15, 2012, Women That Soar, will host a pre-awards show reception to celebrate the Fifth Annual Women That Soar Awards Show at the Reiss Mansion, 5905 Haraby Court in Dallas, Texas from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. The reception will highlight Women That Soar’s mission, past accomplishments, and future endeavors.

WTS is committed to developing content and events that will continue to empower and inspire women to live brilliant lives and Celebrate The Brilliance Within. The purpose of the reception is to build awareness of WTS’ four-tier multimedia platform.

Women That Soar, LLC is focused on creating a global media platform that strategically partners with brands looking to build business-to-business relationships and promote their products to women consumers.

Our guests will be treated to a sneak preview of the highly lauded “Women Who Are Soaring” television special scheduled to debut April 8, 2012. The special will highlight stories of women who have defied the odds, who are giving back to their community and who have defined what it really means to SOAR.

The annual awards show serves as the signature event for WTS and allows the company to donate a portion of net proceeds to select non-profit organizations that support the advancement of women and young girls.

I’m proud of what I and those involved with WTS have accomplished in the last five years. It has not been easy. However, each day becomes easier.

I started out with a dream. My dream has now become a reality. I want to thank everyone who has supported me and the mission of WTS.

Continue To Soar and Celebrate The Brilliance Within!

Gina Grant
Women That Soar