Are You Roller Coaster Dieting Or Burning Fat For Good?

I’m not talking about theme parks and amusement parks. I mean, does your weight go up and down? Are you famous for going on a diet, losing 10 pounds only to put them all back on and then a few extra?

Have you been led to believe that maintaining your weight is a once-in-a-while thing, rather than a lifestyle habit?

That’s one reason why those fad diets are so disheartening. Most of them have a beginning, middle and end. They are diets that no one should be on longer than a few days let alone weeks. Please understand the yo yo dieting has never worked and will never work. Being on a diet roller coaster is not healthy.

Most people on these types of diets quickly resort back to their former way of eating and gain all the pounds back. If you knew the truth most of those diets, meals in a can, special prepackaged food and well known programs at best cause you to lose only water weight and muscle weight. You never really lose fat cells. Which means your weight comes back quickly and with a vengeance.

To lose weight and keep it off for life you need a proven program designed to eliminate your fat bulges for good. One that provides you the truth about weight loss.


  • The exercise you see most people doing and recommending for weight loss actually cause people to store fat.
  • Starvation is never the answer.
  • The so called magic pills to decrease your appetite or block the absorption of carbs, or those that elevate your core temperature thus boosting your metabolism are a temporary fix at best. What about the diet food that tastes like cardboard?
  • Don’t try to lose weight eating food that you would never eat for the long term, or take pills that are a short term fix.
  • If you want to lose your weight for good then follow someone who has been there done that with an all-natural duplicable system.

Good News: There are numerous simple fat burning exercises to dramatically increase your metabolism, burn your fat cells and they only take 7 – 12 minutes per day. Oh yeah they can be done in your own home. Try running up and down your stairs a few times as fast as you can.

Why not find foods that burn fat and actually increase your metabolism and eat those? There are 100s of foods that speed metabolism and they are foods you are already eating, and they eliminate your fat cells. Many sources of protein are excellent at increasing your metabolism, even strawberries can boost your metabolism and help you burn fat; just don’t make the mistake of adding sugar.

Losing weight does not have to be hard work; you simply need a trusted instruction manual, with simple day by day steps. Your true health is a journey, not a destination; a process, not an event; a habit, not a diet.

Decide today to take the simple effective steps for effective long term weight loss. You too can enjoy abundant health in your skinny clothes.

In Love & Light,
Coach Carla – Queen of Sustained Weight Loss