Importance of taking time to READ food labels…

Diet and exercise have long been the top two elements of effective weight loss. Now add a third: reading the labels on packaged foods.

We all hear diet and exercise is the best way to lose weight, but new research suggests reading labels should be added to the list.

Scientists say reading nutrition labels on your food could lead to a few dropped pounds.

Washington State University research finds middle aged Americans who want to lose weight are more likely to improve their chances after checking nutritional information.

The study goes on to say diet and exercise have long been the top two effective weight loss tools, but researchers think a third important tool should be paying attention to the back of the container.

Reading labels WILL help you in your weight loss efforts!

If you want to lose weight, you have a better chance of success if you read a food label when you first buy a product.

People are more successful at losing weight when they add label reading to their exercise program.

Label readers who do not exercise have a slightly greater chance of losing weight than those who exercise but do not read labels.

Women are more likely to read food labels when they buy a product for the first time, possibly because they are responsible for buying food and cooking. They are also more successful than men in losing weight.

In a case of good news and bad news, WSU found that overweight and obese label readers are more likely to lose weight. But only a little more than one-third lost weight, while nearly half gained weight. This confirms what many middle-aged people know—losing weight is hard and often unsuccessful. But WSU found overweight and obese people at least have a better chance if they read the label.

Bottom line, I understand that often times we’re just really pressed for time… but taking the time to understand and read labels can add great quality to ~ and even extend ~ the years in your life!

Much love & light to you,

Coach Carla