I am so thankful for Christ laying down His life in order that I may have life. There is no greater love.

As we approach Easter (I say Resurrection Day) I want to celebrate, worship and show gratitude for the sacrifice He made.

I want to put aside my selfish needs, wants, and desires. I want to focus on Him.  I realize and recognize the sacrifice He made was a selfless act.

How many of us can honestly say we love unconditionally, seeking nothing in return? How many of us would lay our lives down for someone else? How many of us would give up everything to be humiliated, talked about, lied to, mocked and beaten to death by the same people you are saving? How many of us are blameless and without sin?

As I ponder the true meaning of Easter, I ask myself these questions: Can I imagine life separate from the one person who loves me unconditionally? Life without someone who truly has my back. Life without a friend with whom I can share my deepest and most intimate thoughts without judgment? The answer is an emphatic NO, I cannot. And I do not want to. I am nothing without Him.

I am no saint. Thankfully, my Father knows this. I make mistakes daily. The beauty is He judges my heart, not my actions. Is He not awesome?!

This Resurrection Day will you consider setting aside your needs to ask Him what He wants and needs of you? Will you be willing to travel the journey and carry out the task?

I am making it my top priority.  I will not lean into my own understanding. Instead I will seek knowledge and wisdom. I am choosing to walk by faith and not by sight. I am choosing to Soar!

May you have a blessed Resurrection Day and Celebrate The Brilliance Within!