Week 1 (Day 1): ATLANTA (USA)

Atlanta-SkylineEver since I was a little girl I have been fascinated with foreign countries, different cultures and foreign languages. I am lucky to call myself a World Traveler. Born and raised in London, I have travelled all around the Northern and Southern European Countries, to Tunisia, to Egypt, to Dubai, to various countries in the Far East, to India, to Australia. My favorite places are the most exotic ones with hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Best food ever!

So needless to say, one of my favorite books as a child was Jules Verne’s ‘Around The World in 80 Days’. A story about an Englishman named Phileas Fogg and his French Valet, Passepartout and their attempt to circumnavigate the globe in just 80 days, as a challenge. I couldn’t wait to read on about Fogg’s adventures and experiences in these far-reached places. Where would he go next? How would he get there? What problems would arise?

So, I wanted to combine my love for travel with my passion and mission for increased personal safety and awareness. What better way to do this than through the Powerhouse Journey Around the World in 80 Days. Unlike Phileas Fogg who started his journey in London, England, I will be starting my journey in Atlanta, USA. I will be going in a ‘westerly’ direction, heading across the United States through to Australia, into the Far East, heading over to Europe and into Africa. I will then be heading across the North Atlantic Ocean to South America and then back to the United States, with my final destination being New York City. And so the Powerhouse Journey begins:


Georgia-AquariumAtlanta is the capital city of the state of Georgia, and is the ninth largest metropolitan area in the USA. Its geography encompasses 132.4 sq miles.Being such a large metropolitan area, it is important to take the normal precautions when visiting the city of Atlanta. Though many people feel relatively comfortable using its transit system, MARTA, it is always best to avoid it at night, especially solo female travelers.

Though Downtown Atlanta is buzzing during the day, it is fairly deserted at night. It is therefore extremely important to be cautious about where you park your car or where you walk. Remember to exercise the Powerhouse Self-Defense rule of PROI: PREDICTION of misplaced situations, that is being aware of anything that appears out of context. RECOGNITION of potentially harmful behavior. OBSERVATION of your surroundings. Look for street signs and landmarks. Know exactly where you are at ALL times. INTUITION: Trust your gut and when in doubt, both feet out!

If you are staying in Downtown Atlanta, be sure to stick to the well-travelled sidewalks, or better still, take a taxi to your destination. Buckhead is a business district with a lot of high-end shops and restaurants. As a result, there is a certain amount of crime. As always, stay alert when leaving and returning to your car.

2012 City of Atlanta Crime Statistics (According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report)

  • Homicide: 83
  • Rape: 113
  • Robbery: 2,276
  • Aggravated Assault: 3,555
  • Property Crimes: 28,554
  • TOTAL CRIMES: 34,581

Atlanta Fun Facts

1. Atlanta welcomes over 16.5 million visitors to its city each year.
2. Atlanta hosts the largest 10k race in the world, the Peachtree Road Race, with approximately 45,000 runners.
3. Atlanta has 130 retail centers and 54 public parks.
4. Atlanta is home to the largest Aquarium in the world.
5. Atlanta is the only city in North America to be destroyed by fire as an act of war.

JOIN US ON OUR POWERHOUSE JOURNEY AROUND THE WORLD. WHERE WILL WE TRAVEL TO NEXT WEEK? Jennifer Riis-Poulsen is the Founder & CEO and also a 2nd degree black belt, who formed Powerhouse Self-Defense as a response to the ever-increasing statistics on emotional and physical attacks on females each year. She made reducing these statistics a mission and personal goal and has set out to develop a comprehensive, HOLISTIC personal safety and empowerment program focused on awareness and powerful techniques to build courage and confidence. For more information visit http://powerhouseselfdefense.com