FIRST, let me start off by saying that I am sooo excited about partnering with this AMAZING WOMAN Gina Grant and the HONOR and BLESSING she has given me to INSPIRE women on her website WTS!!! LOVE HER!!! I have to thank GOD for every opportunity HE gives me to share my journey and life experiences to help EMPOWER WOMEN to LIVE AGAIN!!!! THANKYOU GINA!!!

Ladies, I am excited for you and ALL that GOD has for you!!! I truly believe that in GOD you can live again!!! I have had the wonderful opportunity of meeting some amazing women, however I found many were still piecing their lives together and just merely existing from day to day. Upon sitting down and consulting or talking with them I found wounds that never healed and that were handicapping many very successful business women. I found women that had lost their way to their purpose because of unforeseen circumstances or just could not seem to move forward. I have talked to women that just couldn’t let go of their past.

This week, I would like for us to focus on that very thing that keeps surfacing back up deep in your subconscious mind that continues to bother you frequently. Ask your self WHY does this thought continue to surface? Write down every reason as to why because we have to address it in order to move forward. Don’t hold back your feelings. If you have to cry, then cry. If you have to go outside and scream about it, then do it, but it must be addressed. There is simply no need to suffer in silence like that. It boils over and before you know it you are exploding. So deal with it and write down every one of your emotions towards the issue that lies deep. It keep be issues with someone on the job, or a friend, but whatever it is let’s deal with it. 😉

Once you have addressed this issue, confessed to YOU, yourself, it’s now time to move in the opposite direction and I will give you a tidbit on that and that is start speaking the opposite of that issue, example; what I should be thinking, what I should be doing etc. We will talk further on this next time, but right now lets deal with facing that deep sub-conscious, re-surfacing issue. Ha! Isn’t that a deep statement? 😉

Ladies, Let’s enjoy our journey together. I am looking forward to togetherness.

Know that you are loved.

Love you & God Bless,
Your sis,
Kertrina Dauway aka Singer Lady Diamond