Everyone struggles with body image. We all want to accept ourselves for who we are, for what God gave us and to be grateful to have the health and lives we do. Yet, we look in the mirror and wish we were skinnier, cuter, taller, shorter, more toned, less of a prominent nose, smaller feet. Why do we do this?

Society, childhood, upbringing, friends, judgements on ourselves to be perfect? We need to realize we are as we are meant to be. We are right where we should be, right here, right now. We are so lucky to breathe each breath, to be surrounded by nature, trees, sky, light and love. We are us inside, we are just in this physical body for a short time.

EMBRACE IT. LEARN IT. LOVE IT. BE IT! You are in your grace, as you were made to be.

I work with many clients, who by changing their exterior (clothing), I see them look at themselves in the mirror and alter their view of themselves. It warms my heart to see them shift their own perception of what they look like on the outside, thus allowing others to do the same.

Confidence comes from within. How we hold our heads and how we perceive ourselves all radiates outward. BE THAT LIGHT. Don’t rob someone else of the chance to be inspired by you, as you are, in this body, at this weight, with your head of hair and your age.

We are only here once; make it count. Stop the judgements of yourself and you, for sure, will stop them on others in your life. As you see yourself as being a light, so will others. Walk with radiance. Walk with the sun at your back. Walk with the knowledge that you are blessed, given everything you need.

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance.”
-Alan Wilson Watts

Aly Scott, Founder