Have you addressed an issue or concern that keeps creeping back up? You know that issue that’s haunting. Do you find yourself continuously involved in this same pattern everyday? Well, it’s because you won’t put it in the past. You either keep speaking, thinking or giving it energy.

But, hey girlfriend, I am with you. Recently I had to check myself for this same issue. I realized I was holding on to something for twenty seven years.
I had to finally decide I was going to truly forgiving a certain individual in my past. Wow! What a revelation for me.

I came to this realization by allowing myself to go on a journey last week of why I was still angry at this person and why am I still having situations where I have to forgive people’s actions.

I have learned that people can only affect you as much you allow them to. I believe part of my walk with moving forward is working more at guarding my heart and mind. I also will not allow condescending behavior bother me. Can I get an amen on that one!

Now that we are letting go of strong negative re-occurrences, it’s time to focus on speaking and believing what you want will manifest in your life. Remove all negative thoughts you have. What I am saying is, if you are depressed, now start telling yourself you are not depressed. If you are lonely, tell yourself I maybe alone, but I’m not lonely. Yes you can do this. It all starts in the mind. Remember, as a man thinketh so is he.

So, when negative thoughts trample through our mind we should re-direct our thoughts. We must believe we’re capable of conquering our fears.

Sometimes we put up barriers that senses fear and when fear dominates, guess what? It becomes a never ending cycle of why this? Why me? This is why its important to get in the habit of practicing daily positive thinking.

Find something therapeutic that keeps you positive such as listening to positive music, exercise or meditating. My favorite is a good physical workout. It always puts me in a good mood. The key is, when you change your thoughts you change your life.

Ladies, I look forward to talking to you again. Don’t forget, the best healing for you is to remain thankful, grateful and positive,because it comes from one source, GOD.

Love you,
Kertrina Dauway