faithseedsDo you ever ask yourself why am here? Or question why you were created and doubt the decisions you make? I know I have.

Recently I was having a conversation with one of my cousins. She was sharing with me her struggle on second guessing and doubting herself.

As we talked, I immediately knew what she was facing (been there done that.) I realized the reason she second guessed herself, is because she second guesses God. I shared with her the only way to have faith in herself is to have total faith in God. She needed to trust Him in all areas of her life. It became that, “Girl you are right moment.”

It does not matter what the situation or how bad or good it may seem. We need to understand its important to surrender it to the Father. We have to know without a doubt whatever and however he guides and directs our path the outcome is always better than any solution we can conjure up.

Personally I learned this lesson the hard way. I use to tell myself and others, “I’m Gina D Grant and the D stands for devastating.” Hot Mess! I was out of control and didn’t have the since of a house cat to know it. I wasn’t mature or wise enough to realize my true strengths. I thought, “I Got This.”

I had the audacity to tell God I didn’t need His help running my life. I didn’t need guidance and direction. Here I was telling the Creator of all things that I Got This. How arrogant. Basically, its like someone walking into WTS moving me to the side and saying, “I know you founded this company, but you really don’t know anything so let me show you how things need to be ran.” Really?

Mind you this does happen in Corporate America, and unfortunately sometimes is not for the better. You see the company make drastic changes that causes them to loose loyal customers and employees.

When we tell our Creator our plan is better than His plan we’re creating a hostile take over. The difference between Him and us is He won’t fight us over a position He rightfully holds. He takes His hands off of us, steps aside and allows free will. In other words DO YOU.

I know longer want to DO me. I prefer to take time in prayer and meditation seeking the answers from my Heavenly Father.

I know longer want to second guess myself or the choices I make; as I’ve come to understand it comes from a lack of trust and faith. Instead, I’ve learned to walk by faith and not by sight. I’ve learned to trust in what I can’t see in the physical but knowing it to be true in the spirit. I’ve learned to surrender to the one true CEO.

As I continue on my journey here on earth I’ve come to realize I don’t Got This. And I don’t want to.

Until next time, Continue to Soar and Celebrate The Brilliance Within!