Last week I met with a group of business women I am mentoring. We continued our discussion on hindering thought processes. Something they are working very hard at overcoming.

We began discussing “Clearing The Path”. One of the ladies discussed how hard it is for her to move forward because she has a huge battle with procrastination. Oh my goodness! This set off a big wave of conversation on this topic.

It seemed most of them at our meeting suffer from procrastination and they could NOT figure out WHY?

I then referred back to the hindrances in their thoughts. Ironically, many of the ladies felt those feelings/hindrances were not connected to their procrastination.

Well, of course I had to correct them based on my own experience. For example, depression can and will result in procrastination. Feelings of defeat is a huge life deficiency and can be very mentally debilitating with massive results of procrastination. Fear is another reason for procrastination. All of these feelings are forms of emotional baggage.

I had the wonderful opportunity of speaking with expert Dan Nguyen on my radio show last week and he confirmed my thoughts on the subject of emotional baggage, and how it is a direct instigator of procrastination. Please reference to his website as he is an expert in overcoming procrastination.

One of the things we talked about was the “why” to our feelings attached to emotional baggage. Example: You may be depressed. WHY are you depressed? Again, addressing WHY will help in solving procrastination.

Many of us procrastinate and because of this there are so many gifts in us that are not manifested.

As I continued my conversations with the ladies they shared how there passionate about life, but can’t seem to figure out why they can’t get over certain hurdles.

I shared with them focusing on one thing at a time and smaller projects vs the big picture will help them accomplish their goals and overcome procrastination.

I gave them a few suggestions. One, continue to work on the WHY. What is deep issue. Two, meditate. You will find meditation can help to over come fear, depression and anxiety. Three, take things one day at a time.

As I close, remember you’re not alone and when we share the issue we can resolve the problem. Remember, we’re work in progress:)

Love you,