Nigeria National MuseumOur Powerhouse Journey Around the World continues. We have now travelled 4,050 miles from Venice to the city of Lagos in Nigeria.

Lagos is a Port and the most populated city in Nigeria. It was formerly the capital city of Nigeria. Lagos has become the fastest growing city in Africa, and the seventh in the world. With a city population of 21 million, Lagos spans an area of 51,820 sq miles.

The main districts of Lagos are the Mainland, Greater Lagos and the Islands. Crime is a risk throughout Lagos. Visitors, as well as residents, have experienced armed muggings, assaults, rape and kidnappings. Due to widespread poverty, all tourists should take extra precautions when travelling in Lagos. The city has experienced violent clashes among street gangs known as “Area Boys’. These boys can be found hanging around at night time under bridges, and can easily spot tourists.

Nigerian Conservation FoundationWith Lagos being such a large, crowded city, you should always be aware of pickpockets. It is therefore advised to leave your bag and camera at home. Instead, wearing a money belt would be advisable. However, as always apply Powerhouse Self-Defense’s rule of PROI: PREDICTION of misplaced situations, that is being aware of anything that appears out of context. RECOGNITION of potentially harmful behavior. OBSERVATION of your surroundings. Look for street signs and landmarks. Know exactly where you are at ALL times. INTUITION: Trust your gut and when in doubt, both feet out!

Some of the most popular places for tourists to visit are the National Museum, The Nigerian Conservation Foundation and Victoria Island Beach.

The Nigerian National Museum houses a collection of Nigerian art that includes pieces of statuary and carvings and archeological exhibits. The museum was founded in 1957 by the British Archeologist, Kenneth Murray.

The Nigerian Conservation Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to preserve the natural resources and biodiversity of Nigeria
Nigeria Victoria IslandVictoria Island Beach is the most frequented beach in Lagos, with numerous activities and numerous bars and eating establishments.

It is advisable NOT to take photos when in Lagos. People are often offended by this, and you are likely to be yelled at, for not asking permission. It is prohibited to take photos of any official buildings.

Expats become targets for criminals, as they are generally thought to be wealthy. Unfortunately, kidnapping of expats is very common, as the kidnappers would expect large ransoms from the international companies that the expats work for. Additionally, carjacking is common. It is therefore highly advisable to keep all doors and windows locked.

As corruption is prevalent in Nigeria, you cannot assume that law enforcement officers will protect you. Perpetrators see expats as easy targets and an easy way of getting money. It is very important to remember that if you are confronted with such a situation, to comply calmly!


1. Nigeria has over 250 ethnic groups.
2. Nigeria is one of the oldest locations of human existence, which dates back as far as 9000 BC.
3. Nigeria boasts the largest diversity of colorful creatures, such as butterflies.
4. Nigeria has the 10th largest proven reserves of petroleum worldwide.
5. The Nigerian Movie Industry is ranked the second largest producers of movies, just slightly behind Bollywood. The Nigerian Movie Industry is known as Nollywood.

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