HI there,
Last week we talked about patterns. How are you doing on changing your patterns? Yes, it is a work in progress but your consistent efforts will pay off. Keep it going!

Let’s talk about building a stronger foundation which will fortify your foundation. We all have great purposes in life, but for some reason our purposes that we desire to fulfil tend to fall apart. Let’s think about this. Why does this happen so frequently? Is it because we have not cleared enough issues in our path, is it because we are not working hard enough to change potentially destructive patterns in our lives or is it that ol’ procrastination problem? There are many things that can affect our ability to provide a firm foundation for our purpose.

In the past I have wanted to accomplish soo many things. However, I discovered my biggest issue and hinderance. This problem would always set me back and that was my desire NOT to do proper research on my ideas. This is so crucial to most ideas we come up with. My personality is A and Z and NOT A through Z and this was badly hurting the foundation of my ideas.

What did I do to stop this reckless repetition of sabotage to my ideas? I slowed down and I set aside time to insure that I studied the do’s and don’ts of my ideas. I found it tp be quite fulfilling and I just felt so much better.

My issue was lack of study habits that were negatively affecting my ideas. My current situation? I make sure that I apply more time to research whenever I have ideas and I make sure I take time insuring I have acquired proper information.

Did you know that some of those ideas I shelved because of proper studying? No that’s not a bad thing either. It allowed me to put into perspective proper timing and insuring proper detail and attention to projects.

I encourage you to find just one issue that could affect the foundation of the idea you are wanting to nurture. Work faithfully to improve yourself. You will be AMAZED at the difference it WILL make to your idea. 😉

Talk soon,
Kertrina Dauway