People make predictions about something every single day! Our Meteorologists are able to use applications to predict the weather and climate changes. What about Futures Brokers? They are trading in predictions of future increases or decreases in commodity prices. So why is it a problem for the majority of people to be able to predict certain situations that may threaten their personal safety? It is because denial, complacency and technology have impaired these crucial skills that are essential to our well-being.

CommoditiesBrokerThe American Psychologist, Abraham Maslow, provided us with a pyramid of human needs. A person can only proceed up the levels once the lower needs are met. Until the FOUNDATION of the pyramid is in place, the rest of it cannot be achieved. The FIRST level in this hierarchy of human needs is our PHYSIOLOGICAL NEEDS. By this we mean food, shelter, water and air. The SECOND level in the pyramid is our SAFETY NEEDS. This is our need to feel safe and secure.

MaslowsPyramidSO, our SAFETY NEEDS form the FOUNDATION of our basic human needs. When you take a look at the statistics on emotional and physical assault, you realize that these basic human needs are not being met by so many people, which means they are not able to live to their FULL POTENTIAL.

Self-defense, or PERSONAL SAFETY training can help to build confidence, self-worth, courage and self-esteem. All needed in order to climb the levels up to the top of the pyramid. I’m not just talking about your ‘regular’ self-defense training. When most people think of self-defense they often think of it being like a boot camp. While this physical training is certainly an aspect of self-defense training, it cannot be the starting point. Instead, we need to train people’s Emotional Self-Defense techniques first.

RecognitionPhotoSo what is Emotional Self-Defense? It is our most BASIC abilities that are needed for survival. I’m talking about PREDICTION. Predicting what may or may not happen, depending on the context. I’m talking about RECOGNITION. Recognizing potentially dangerous situations and harmful behavior. I’m talking about OBSERVATION. Being observant of what is going on around you at all times. I’m talking about INTUITION. Listening to your ‘inner voice’, because it is usually correct. These basic skills are part of our human make-up and fall under the umbrella of ‘Awareness’. It is about listening to and paying attention to your emotions. Skills that we all possess! Yet we fail to use them and even forget that they exist when it comes to personal safety. People often feel unsure about allowing their emotions to dictate their decision making abilities, so they tend to ignore it. They shouldn’t! Though you may feel that your emotions are irrational, they are not! They are functional and serve a purpose.

EmpoweredPhotoEmotional Self-Defense is key to personal safety and survival. Once we feel a sense of security, we are free to continue climbing the pyramid and eventually reach our full potential and realization of that full potential, known as self-actualization!

Jennifer Riis-Poulsen is the Founder & CEO of Powerhouse, providing Personal Safety & Empowerment Programs. Powerhouse is the LEADER in EMPOWERING Girls and Women to live Safe, Healthy & Active Lives. http://www.powerhouseselfdefense.com