I simply want to encourage you on today. In the wake of our beloved Robin Williams, I would like to address God’s unfailing during the times that are the most trying. Although, we highly loved and respected Robin William’s comedic genius, he was NOT exempt from internal struggles, whether chemically or emotionally, I wish I could have been able to tell him about God’s unfailing love. There is so much that goes on in the mind of a creative artist like Robin. Artists also typically tend to be the most self-destructive. If I as an artist did not know God, I would have been in an insane asylum by now.

Years ago, there was a lady that sat down and talked to me about God’s love and the sacrifice I would have to make. I’m not talking about sacrificing through giving or going without food. I’m talking about sacrificing hurt and pain in my life to dwell on God’s love and His power. Going through this process was THE MOST PAINFUL time of my life. To literally have to ignore my pain to focus on GOD!!! Really?!!! But, it was the best thing I could have EVER accomplished and that was to deny pain and discover God’s unfailing love. The process allowed me to see so much. During this time of learning how much God loved me, all hell was breaking lose in my life, but I kept my focus on God.

The longer and more I endured the more I realized that the lady I affectionately called Ms. Jo was truly a God sent. Oh, by the way, she was not merciful towards me. She taught me how to be a soldier and stand in God as well. A little while after my trial, I began to see and experience how much God loved me. God will show you how much He loves you in the smallest of things and situations. Things will begin to work out on your behalf in the blink of an eye. Amazing.

Everyone’s step is not the same. Robin’s steps in life were different from mine, but I would have loved to have shown Robin Williams strategies that I learned from God and Ms Jo.

The best strategy of all in overcoming obstacles is to focus on God’s strength, power and love. God is so many things great to us and if we just focus on everything about God, our lives will never be the same. God loves us and He wants us to come to Him for everything. Would you do that? Watch God work for YOU.
God never fails….

Kertrina Dauway