This past week was stressful. I spent a lot of time complaining to God. I asked why are you allowing me to be challenged? Why can’t you just let this be an easy decision and process?

After each conversation (complaining) I would close with, “Thank you. Not my will, but yours.”

I’m not sure if I said it because I meant it, or if it would make God say good girl?

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend (I won’t say who) during out time together we shared our struggles, life journey and a few laughs. I told her about my dilemma. She asked if I needed some help. I replied, “Let me work it out. If I need something I’ll let you know.”

I could have easily said yes. However, two things inside of me wouldn’t allow me to accept her offer. One, my pride. Two, something inside of me said the struggle makes you stronger.

After our lunch I decided to go visit my mom. I stopped to get her something to eat. As I approach the venue there was a man standing outside. I immediately knew he was going to ask me for money. I waited in my car for a few minutes hoping he would approach someone else. He didn’t. Ugh.

I got out my car and he say’s, “Excuse me. I don’t want any money. All I want is something to eat. My face cracked and heart broke. Wow! I prejudge this man. Before I knew his need I decided I didn’t want to help.

I told him he could have the meal I had in the car from my lunch. He thanked me as if he had won the lottery. As he was eating he kept saying, “Thank you God. Thank you God.”

I immediately felt a flow of emotions. One, shame. Two, humble. Three, gratitude. You see, I have more than enough. I even have enough to share with other’s. We all do.

God even saw fit to have my friend offer to help me. And check this out, the problem I’m complaining about will only bring more abundance in the long run.

In that moment, through that man, I learned a valuable lesson. A close mouth does not get fed. The other lesson, be thankful for all He has given me and stop complaining.

I share this for all of you who are going through something, and everyone on this earth does. Stop complaining. Instead, embrace the journey and give praise and thanks.

What I saw as a problem, God already knew the outcome. He used a man who had nothing to teach me a lesson on being grateful, and joyful in all things.

I wish I had told that man how I appreciate him. How he was more of a blessing to me than I was to him.

I know sometimes life seems unfair. It is. However, know God is fair. Loving. Merciful. When it seems like life sucks, take a minute to say thank you. Trust, whatever your situation it could be worse.

I’m grateful God loved me enough to allow me to cross paths with that gentleman.

I’m spending the rest of my day praising the Creator for all my blessings. How about you?

Gina Grant
Women That Soar