God’s amazing grace is sufficient. I remember when I went through what is known as a “wilderness experience”. We in the natural would define a “wilderness experience” as a walk in a forest, or camping out or hunting in the wilderness. However, the definitions are almost the same. In the wilderness there resides the wild, the untamed, brush, forest, unpaved trails, trails with so many paths and never ending trees all through out. Many people have become lost in the wilderness however they have either found the right path or have received help in finding the right path. Isn’t that like our life?

In life we have experienced all kinds of trials, from divorce, to abuse, to sickness, low self esteem, etc. These issues have either been brought on by someone or we have in the past had a tendency to lead ourselves into unforeseen territory with not so good results. One would think that truly that is a bad thing, however, there IS good in everything we experience.

One of my “wilderness experiences” taught me to listen to people more and be more empathetic. Although, this trial was probably the most painful experience of my life, I learned humility. The paths in my wilderness led to humility. Wow. I truly had a “wilderness experience” with GREAT results. Amazing GOD. During this trial, I just couldn’t understand why GOD would allow me to go through that experience, but, God’s amazing grace is sufficient. That is the one thing I learned that HIS grace and mercy suffices my life.

Whatever you are going through, I guarantee you if you look long enough you WILL find GOD there. HIS teachings/chastisement are far greater than jewels. The “wilderness experience” will truly lead you to GOD’s reality and once you come out of the wilderness your life is never the same for the better.

If you are going through a tough situation, I know that you are in a good place to find great things in GOD. Enjoy your time in the wilderness. Ask GOD what it is HE wants YOU to learn and of course be willing to learn so that you can go to the next level in your life mentally and emotionally.

Kertrina Dauway