Over the past few weeks I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster regarding the issue of race. Part of me was fed up with how we, as Americans, continue to have an issue with the color of one’s skin in this day and time. Part of me was angry. Part of me wanted to fight back and say, “NO More.”

In order to get my emotions in check, I had to disconnect from what the media was reporting on issues from Eric Garner, to protests, to anything that involved a conversation on race in America.

I didn’t want to act or react based on what others said or did. This is the same type of thing that went on after the Treyvon Martin trial. Everyone wore hoodies for months. Yet, no real change.

In order for me to make sense of why we feel injustice to one is not injustice to all, I had to go into prayer, meditation, and seeking true knowledge and wisdom.

One morning after praying, I went out to get coffee. I stopped for gas. While pumping, an older white gentleman pulled up beside me. I wasn’t sure if I should or even wanted to speak? I started feeling anger and fear. I told myself he was probably one of those old guys who saw me and other people of color as less than.

As I stood there with a still look on my face, the gentleman spoke, “Good Morning, where is the sunshine?” Yea! He broke the ice. I replied, “I know. This is weather that makes you want to sleep.” We both giggled and for the next few minutes talked about everything from the weather, retirement, military, to why we, as people, can’t see there is only one race; the human race.

As we carried on I forgot I was pumping gas and before I knew it, I had gas running out my tank. The older gentleman I initially feared and felt anger toward helped me clean up my mess, wiped my car down and sent me off with a warm smile and happy holiday.

In that moment I wasn’t black, he wasn’t white. We were one. If real change on race in America is to ever take place…we have to have a real conversation and stop looking at one another with fear and anger, but with love!

Until next time, Continue to Soar!