The New Year is always so exciting! It Offers us new ideas and fresh goals. I know we are all so excited about what this year potentially holds! Our expectations are high! Our anticipation is off the rooftop! Amazing adrenalin levels are high all over the nation!

Well, I think it is truly a wonderful thing to have those emotions, feelings, thoughts and great ideas, etc. But, it’s even more important that we carry out those emotions, feelings, thoughts and great ideas, etc. Often times, our intentions are definitely in the right place, however, the distractions of our daily lives can become quite overwhelming and thus blurred thoughts and feelings activate.

It starts in our mind. Remember that old saying, “what the mind conceives, it achieves”? Well, our daily challenges start over shadowing that great ol’ excitement we started the year off with and we began focusing on those distractions as opposed to our ‘new ideas and fresh goals’ the excitement stems from.

This year I challenge you as I challenge myself that we NOT allow those distractions to keep us from the very things that excited us at the beginning of THIS year 2015. Lose that weight! Write that book! Start your new business! Work at it day by day and little by little. Someone told me years ago to work at purpose little by little every day until it’s done. Let’s stay focused to get it done!!

Let’s do this!!!

Love you,
Kertrina Dauway