Real Talk…Can We Just Practice Together?

By Kertrina Dauway

Hi Ladies, I just wanted to have a real candid talk about a subject that I feel is really close to home for all of us. It’s simply about our responses and our words. How often have you found yourself responding to a situation that really offended you. The words that came from your mouth might not have been profanity but your words in responding to the situation ended up offending the other person. Even though they obviously offended you by what they said to you.

I would like for us to practice showing kindness and doing kind things for the very people we know have offended us. We never know what that person is going through and you may not be the actual reason why they were offensive to you. Also, have you ever thought it’s just the enemy trying to sow division to get in the way of what could very well be a decent friendship. This is what we have to be careful of when we are not aware of when the enemy is trying to sabotage you or what could very well be a potentially great friendship.

Can we practice together? I going to go to a lady that was so very rude to me and before I knew it I had given her a “what for” in words when I should have not allowed myself to be caught off guard. Let’s go back and fix some potentially really good relationships.

Talk soon,