‎Recently I was talking to a dear friend about the meaning of life. It appears more and more people are searching for the purpose of life. Why are we here?

For me, life is a gift. Every individual on this earth is a unique gift and has been giving a gift from our Creator. Its like when a baby is born everyone shower’s the baby/parents with gifts.

We open them, use them and share our appreciation to those who took the time to share in the celebration of a new life.

The same thing is provided from our Creator when a new life enters the world. A special gift is given. It’s a gift only He can provide.

The problem is…some of us never take time to see the gift, study and realize what it is or how special and unique it/we are.

Instead, we go through life searching and complaining. Not understanding everything we need is within. And what and where we lack, we should seek knowledge and wisdom, as it is the key to understanding and utilizing our gifts.

I could go on and on how so many of us don’t know our gifts or utilize our gifts in the wrong way. We waste time and effort on things that have no relevance to our time here on earth.

We jump from thing to thing in search of happiness, wealth, peace and abundance. ‎When in reality, we’re here to create those things with what we’ve been given. The life you desire is the life you must create. Is it easy? No. Does it require work? Yes. And it is so worth it!

Our Creator disguises our gifts in many ways. What we think is a tragedy, He see’s as a blessing.

For instance, a person who is fighting an illness, they may be in pain and torment. We pray for them. We asked that their healed and delivered of the pain. Sometimes the healing is done on earth. It is a temporary healing. Then there is the ultimate healing when the person passes on to eternal life. We call it death. We mourn for our love one’s. We even sometimes say they lost their battle.

In reality, the person who receives eternal life has won the battle! They’ve been given the most precious gift; a life without pain, suffering, or hardship. They’re made whole and new. Now that’s is a gift!

You see, if we start to look at things through the eyes of God instead of through our own eyes and thoughts, we can truly begin to see all the beautiful gifts we’ve all been given.

Today, take a minute to see, use and be thankful for the many gifts around you. Don’t ask for more. Don’t covet what was given to someone else, just simply embrace and give thanks for all you have.

Until next time, Continue to Soar!

Gina Grant
Women That Soar