Have you noticed that the same situations keep re-occurring in your life? Me too! Don’t worry! Please know that a change is going to come. I have had this happen in my own life over and over as well as in other’s lives and I tell you it can be exhausting. There are times when it has appeared as though the weariness just simply consumed you as if there were no tomorrow and that the situation will encompass you to no end. It has seemed as though there is no light at the end of the tunnel. But, of course, we know there is.

The greatest stress we have during these recurring situations is in trying to figure out how long it is going to take for the solution to reveal itself. We have often asked ourselves each time, “why isn’t there an end to this re-occurring stress?” What I have found in the past is that when those same situations occur, it seems to mean that there is something that we need to complete, learn or grow from.

I’m sure you are like me in that I am paying CLOSE attention now as well as praying for revelation on any reoccurring situation so that my change will take me to the next level. My recommendation to all of us is to ask GOD what can we learn and grow from in dealing with life’s concerns and accept the answer and work to do better in that situation. We can also ask GOD for closure and help us to handle those situations better.

No one knows like YOU, but let’s work together to bring effective and positive closure to re-occuring situations that deserve a change. In doing so, a change is going to come.