Have you ever wondered why you have had to sit on the sideline and watch others progress? Wondering why it hasn’t happened to you yet? Have you ever watched a game and it seems like one team is winning, yet the other team somehow progresses ahead of the other team. What about tennis great, Serena Williams and her sister Venus? It’s amazing how Venus was the talk of the tennis town yet her younger sister Serena surpassed her to go on and become probably the greatest female tennis player of all time. The beautiful thing about this is that older sister Venus is her baby sister’s biggest fan!

This real situation reminds me of many of us that strive for success in our areas of expertise, yet somehow we see our peers moving ahead of where it is we really want to be. There of those of us who choose to sit on the sideline and get angry and resentful of the other person. Then there are those who choose to bad mouth the person or try to drag the more successful one down. I have literally seen people get involved in a person’s successes to slow them down or stop them. Maddening behavior. But, I’m reminded of Venus and Serena and I how Venus has continued to push Serena and support her. Truth be told, Venus probably sat down and started studying Serena to see how she could improve as well.

That’s why I truly believe WINNING isn’t always the BEST. Sometimes, we just need to sit down and study our craft a little longer. Like Venus , study the game that is being played by her sister. She may not ever surpass Venus but at least her tennis technique will improve. Study from the person that is excelling in your area of expertise and find out what it is you need to improve on. Why not support the person excelling and learn what it is you need to improve on? This also reminds me of Movie Directors. Did you know that most Movie Directors started as errand help or errand assistance? Yes, get in the game and not ahead of the game!

Don’t just sit down on the sideline! Help with a sincere heart of helping! Get in the game!Because WINNING isn’t always the BEST!

Kertrina Dauway