Each of you can probably name an “overnight” success story, but most successful people spend countless hours nurturing and caring for their beloved projects. Many people assume that successful people have things handed to them or that it comes with little effort. However, what is not always obvious is that they are successful because they practice certain things.

Here are eight things that success-oriented people practice. These are in no particular rank order.

  1. Success-oriented people are prepared for the journey. And often they know this means the journey is an ultra-expedition rather than a smooth city walk. Along the way, they encountered obstacles that no one warned them about, walked down poorly lit paths and discovered a great deal about themselves along the way.
  1. Success-oriented people see everything as an opportunity. They even see rejection as an opportunity for personal and / or professional growth. Their strength comes from knowing that rejection is not the end of the world and understanding how to use rejection. This is why success oriented people don’t panic when they see an obstacle because they have confidence that they will work through any challenge.
  1. Success-oriented people ask important questions. The questions they ask themselves are far more important than the ones anyone asks them. Questions like: Who do I ideally want to reach with this work? Is this work serving a higher purpose? Who can I ask for honest feedback about my work? What keeps me motivated?
  1. Success-oriented people practice balance. They know that this is a journey and self-care is critical. They realize that things can began to go sideways if they over focus on one issue. Going back to the expedition metaphor, success oriented people know that if they use all their energy to climb one hill and don’t properly pace their steps, they will be out of “fuel” to continue the full journey. In other words, they do take breaks and participate in non-work related activities.
  1. Success-oriented people know that the hard core work values of determination, discipline, perseverance, hard work do produce golden results. Many people want instant results, but thoughtful, well-planned intentions carry successful people to the finish line.
  1. Success-oriented people are fully aware of their blind spots. They are open and ready to ask for help in areas that they haven’t mastered. They know that others can see things they can’t, and sharing different perspectives provides new opportunities for growth.
  1. Success-oriented people are always a student. They may be reading, doing independent research or engaging in new conversations, but their number one goal in participating in these activities is to learn. They know that they are responsible for laying the foundation for their success, and this growth comes from broadening their knowledge base.
  1. Success-oriented people are not caught up in labels or status symbols. They know that golden opportunities are sometimes the ones others don’t see as popular or even overlook. Success oriented people know that a brand name isn’t always the best value for their business. They know what is the best fit.

Kristin Meekhof is a Licensed Master’s Level Social Worker and the author of the forthcoming book – A Widow’s Guide To Healing: Gentle Support And Advice For The First Five Years.