Wow! Have you ever had to eat the words you speak to someone else or teach someone else? Well I have and even most recently I had to go back and re-assess some things that made me re-evaluate things we have to face whenever we are going to the next level.

Every week of my life it seems I am helping women out of dark situations or helping them to face their past in order to go to the next level. I share with them strategies on overcoming obstacles and have watched them implement them in their daily lives. The greatest joy I have is watching their lives and minds improve. One the strategies that I teach on is facing unforgiveness in order to move forward.

I found myself here recently having to face that very thing. I was so angry and offended and found that I unknowingly needed encouraging. Wake up call! I went to GOD and asked HIM why was I having to face this? I really believe I had been moving from strength to strength. But, it was clear that there was something that HE needed for me to deal with so that I can move to the next level. My biggest struggle is dealing with people I totally don’t understand and I’m very good at avoiding them. Well, not so for this situation. Lesson learned, Trina you have to be confident in your love for GOD’S people and move forward. That’s it! Duh! As long as I do what I know GOD wants me to do, HE will do the rest. FAITH.

The lovely Gina Grant, Ceo and Founder of Women That Soar, really ministered this very thing that I needed to be reminded of, “face your fears”. Truly it is the door to the next level. Face your fears ladies so that you can goto the next level. Me too. 😉

Love you,
Kertrina Dauway