Ok, what do you do when it seems as though every step you make upward appears as though you are going backward? My answer is in so many directions but, I will keep it simple. My first response on this is to keep stepping. But, how do we do that? How do we find the answers to the puzzle? Where do we draw our strength from?

It’s extremely easy to say we draw our strength from the ultimate source and that is GOD. It’s easy to say the answer is GOD. It’s easy to say, “don’t worry about the how because GOD’s got it”. But, the effort is so much different than that because we have to work hard to get past the emotion the “going backward” brings.

Again, I will keep it simple. My suggestion is from experience. Face what is happening. In doing this you are starting to strengthen your ability to go on through the problem or situation. Now take that next step. Accept how it makes you feel currently. Take that next step. But here is the added solution. Take that next step. Praise and thank GOD because the trial is there to strengthen you to go on. The only way you can move forward is to keep stepping while praising and thanking GOD at the same time. You will find so much strength to go on in this process.

Take That Next Step. Praise and thank GOD with every emotion you face in moving forward. It will certainly help clear some the chaos trying to clutter your steps upward.