By Kertrina Dauway

How many times have we gone down the same road only to see the same thing over and over again? How many times have we done the same thing expecting different results? I have witnessed this and experienced this far too many times. The results can put you into a contentment zone, or sad zone. It can get pretty depressing all because the road you have been taking now has all kinds of holes and brush all over it. There is simply nothing left down that road for you anymore. Yet, you keep taking it.

Well now it may be it’s time for you to consider a different path. Consider another way to get to fulfilling that purpose you know is there waiting for you to reach. I’m reminded of how I kept driving the same way every day to get to my job. Ladies, it took me forever to get there. Of course, by the time I’d get to work I’m extremely irritable. One day, I finally said to myself, “there has GOT to be another way, a better way to get there”. Well, yes you guessed it, I started looking for another way and sure enough I found it. It literally cut off 15+ minutes of my time getting to my destination all because I went in search of another way. I actually enjoyed the journey thereafter.

Often, we are so afraid to venture out past our comfort zone or our safe place. This is not always the best way when it is no longer producing the results you desire in fulfilling your purpose. Try another way there may be more down that road for you than you realize in getting you closer to your purpose. You may actually enjoy the journey all because you chose another way to get there.

No time like the present.

Hugs and love.