Talk about perfect timing. Today I had a really great conversation with a friend of mine. I’m amazed at how intelligent she is, yet she struggled with identifying her true purpose. Today she asked me, “how do you know who you really are and what you are supposed to do in life?” I kind of got excited about the question and had no problem with wanting to answer her question because recently I went through that same self-discovery.

Isn’t it amazing how gifted we all are yet many of us struggle with identifying who we really are and what we are to do in life? I went through this. I am good at a lot of things which is not so good for someone like me who already struggles with being a pack rat. I began to review everything that I was involved in or doing that had nothing to do with my true happiness. I began to lift off things from me such as constantly being on the phone helping women through crisis almost daily. I cancelled my internet radio among other things. It’s not the core of who I am. I then recognized who I am is the very thing that I enjoy doing the most. I love to sing. That is the very core of who I am.

This is the answer to ‘Recognizing YOU’. If you can do it for FREE there is where your purpose lies. Do a self-evaluation. Own it. Everything will then work around YOU.