THE JOURNEY WITHIN: My View On Planned Parenthood

In my last blog, I discussed how I wanted to share my life’s journey, the trials and triumphs. I want to be open and authentic so I can empower, inspire and encourage women to embrace life’s full journey; even the challenges and obstacles each day brings.

Here goes. There has been a lot of discussions on Planned Parenthood in the media and whether or not the government should consider cutting its funding.‎

As a mother of four, I oppose the government providing funding for an organization that uses part of the funding to provide abortions. I’m neither Pro Choice nor Pro Life. I’m a firm believer in free will.

That means, everyone of us has the right to make our own decisions whether right or wrong. However, I feel when we make those decisions, we, not the government should be responsible for the consequences.

If a woman wants to have an abortion she should have that right, but she should have to pay for it; not the government. And for those who say they are against a woman having an abortion, you have that right too. My only response is this: Until you’ve traveled that woman’s journey, you can’t understand the path she’s walked.

You see, I know there are situations where medical issues, rape or even incest or molestation may be the reason or result of an abortion. I’m sympathetic to any woman who has to make the difficult decision of aborting a child. I know first hand what that feels like and the mental and spiritual toll it can have on an individual. I once had to make the life altering choice, but I remain firm that government funding should not be allocated.

When we invite the government into private issues and situations, we are inviting them to scrutinize every action taken. ‎As a tax payer, I don’t want to see my tax dollars being utilized for programs such as abortions.

I do believe the Planned Parenthood program is needed. I’m simply stating private funding and individuals can or should underwrite the money needed for the abortion fund. Just as those who are Pro Choice‎ want to take a stand for what they believe. And those who are Pro Life take a stand, I’m for Free Will and my stand is this, there are too many women using abortion as a form of birth control. It’s not. This needs to stop. Birth control is to be used prior to, in order to prevent the pregnancy. Again, for medical or situations beyond our control, I do believe the woman should have the option and once a woman makes her mind up to have an abortion she has to find the means to cover the cost; not the government.

Until Next Time, Continue To Soar!